It is about leading people and transforming resistance towards change.

Wallbreakers is a Board-based Simulation used to train implementation of situational leadership in organizational change. 

2 Days

12-18 Participants

In-Person & Online


WallBreakers is a simulation, where leaders experience real business world scenarios and discover pragmatic techniques for implementation and anchoring of organisational change. This simulation is based on a series of well-established theories on personality types, management, organizational culture, and change processes which helps the participants to have critical understanding on how to leverage these dimensions to create productive outcomes, some of these tools and theories includes i.e. MBTI/JTI, Edgar Schein, John Kotter, Rick Maurer and Daniel Goleman.


  • Foster skills to drive performance in a VUCA (Volatile/ Uncertain/ Complex & Ambiguous) world.
  • Leading how to calibrate individual & team’s behaviors through different phases of organizational change.
  • Learn 36 pragmatic techniques to manage 3 distinct levels of resistance and address factors that can derail change.
  • Connect own experience and challenges with pragmatic strategies and actions through dialogue and discussion. 


A simulation designed to implement strategy and stakeholder engagement.
This is a team leadership and performance simulation.
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