Team Leadership & Performance.

Playmakers is a simulation that challenges the participants ability to handle critical aspects of working in teams and leadership roles.

2 Days

12-18 Participants



This game focuses on leadership rather than management, and it urges you to think: How will my choices as a leader affect team morale, performance and stakeholder engagement throughout the simulation? The nature of the game allows participants to approach difficult leadership tasks in a safe forum and learn with and from each other. 

It is based on a number of recognized leadership models and theories – among those are Daniel Goleman, J.R. Katzenbach and Bruce W. Tuckman. 


Enhance ability to analyze, recognize and handle organizational, group-based, and individual dilemmas within teams.

Drive team through different levels of project development.

Understand context, before deciding upon the actions that best fit the individuals and situations. 

Team collaboration, project leadership and stakeholder management. 


Implementation of situational leadership in organizational change.
A simulation designed to implement strategy and stakeholder engagement.
Terra Nova
A simulation about alignment, accountability and execution.