Alignment, Accountability & Execution.

In this simulation participants discover the power of goal alignment, stakeholder engagement, mutual ownership and breaking silos.

1 day

10-30 Participants



Terra Nova is an experiential learning simulation that mirrors real-world organizations by engaging participants in developing a prosperous new land. Individuals are engaged in different teams representing departments, regions, or functions, and must work together to meet a common vision. To be successful, they will need to create a culture of execution and high morale.


  • Clarity: Communicating clear goals & priorities.
  • People: Knowing your colleagues’ and partners’ strengths.
  • Alignment: Aligning activities and goals to a clear vision.
  • Reality: Understanding the current reality.
  • Process: Continually looking to improve the process.
  • Environment: Creating an environment of individual and group accountability.


Overcoming resistance and embracing change
Explore the art of change management in a rapidly evolving world, where transformation and proactivity are key to staying competitive.
Navigating leadership in a rapidly changing world
Discover strategies for navigating the complexities of modern leadership, from enhancing team cohesion to driving change and integrating diverse viewpoints.
Cultivating a Strategic Mindset in Your Team
Understand the strategic mindset as the ability to think ahead, anticipate changes, and plan for the future. This is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity.