Adaptive Leadership & Team Engagement.

Participants learn to assess the behaviors and abilities of team members and determine most relevant leadership approach, thereby nurturing greater creativity, engagement and performance.

4 Hours

2-16 Participants

In-Person & Online


This simulation brings alive well-established theories and concepts inspired by theories on Adaptive Leadership and Leading Change. In a gamified and competitive simulated experience, participants will make decisions that will create sense of urgency, create alignment with the organization’s goals and build mutual accountability and team engagement in the context of their unique personality and skill profiles.


  • Assessing performance readiness levels based on employee’s skill, confidence and motivation levels.
  • Applying situational leadership to match different employee needs.
  • Drive sense of urgency and manage resistors.
  • Learn skills in integrating and synthesizing others’ viewpoints to build alignment of diverse perspectives.


Overcoming resistance and embracing change
Explore the art of change management in a rapidly evolving world, where transformation and proactivity are key to staying competitive.
Navigating leadership in a rapidly changing world
Discover strategies for navigating the complexities of modern leadership, from enhancing team cohesion to driving change and integrating diverse viewpoints.
Cultivating a Strategic Mindset in Your Team
Understand the strategic mindset as the ability to think ahead, anticipate changes, and plan for the future. This is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity.