An Activity Ideal for Teams Who Must Effectively Manage Resources and Navigate Market Conditions.

Windjammer is a fast-paced, highly engaging experience where five teams compete to be the best at running their company as part of a bigger industry association.

2-3 Hours

10-5000 Pax



Teams are supplied with raw materials and are tasked with choosing and building finished products that the industry association will purchase at an agreed price. Product values will vary throughout different market phases.

Therefore, companies must determine what to build, how to build it and when to sell the finished product. Teams will have to establish relationships, trade and negotiate with other companies to secure the raw materials needed to build their desired finished product. The winning companies will increase the value of their business to emerge the best in the market. Teams will navigate an environment, where under intense time pressure, determine the best course of action whilst also responding to market changes.


Growth Mindset: Importance of having a growth mindset and identifying opportunities to course correct in the face of shifting conditions and successfully navigate market changes.

Agility: The ability to deploy tactics quickly allowing you to capitalize on the existing market, whilst preparing for future facing opportunities.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Priority setting and relationship building are critical to take advantage of profit peaks.

Decision. Making: Extending your planning horizon allows for maximizing opportunities.

Resource Utilization: Understanding required roles and resources is crucial to success.

Strategic Thinking & Tactical Outcomes: Setting priorities and creating a network to deliver on the strategy and plan of action.


Overcoming resistance and embracing change
Explore the art of change management in a rapidly evolving world, where transformation and proactivity are key to staying competitive.
Navigating leadership in a rapidly changing world
Discover strategies for navigating the complexities of modern leadership, from enhancing team cohesion to driving change and integrating diverse viewpoints.
Cultivating a Strategic Mindset in Your Team
Understand the strategic mindset as the ability to think ahead, anticipate changes, and plan for the future. This is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity.