An Eye-Opening Team-Building Activity That Breaks Down Barriers and Improves Collaboration.

In Promises, Promises!™, participants will learn that to be a united organization you must have collaboration and trust.

3-4 Hours

20-5000 Pax



Participants are thrown into a world where they must overcome distrust, cultural barriers, and flawed communication to make good on their commitments.

Teams will represent one of 10 countries and over the course of their 5-year governance they will attempt to manage their budget and meet election commitments made to constituents. Not all is ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’, as previous business trading and deals gone bad run the risk of creating tension. History, perceptions, need and greed can all get in the way.


Collaboration: Understanding the interdependence between teams and how this is critical to overall success.

Concreteness: How we focus on the tangible needs of the moment and often discount or miss the bigger picture.

Changing Perceptions and Overcoming Bias: It’s an exciting adventure that focuses on trust, effective communication, teamwork, maximizing resources, and developing a common vision.

Resource Management: Recognising tangible and intangible resources and understanding what drives the biggest success.


Overcoming resistance and embracing change
Explore the art of change management in a rapidly evolving world, where transformation and proactivity are key to staying competitive.
Navigating leadership in a rapidly changing world
Discover strategies for navigating the complexities of modern leadership, from enhancing team cohesion to driving change and integrating diverse viewpoints.
Cultivating a Strategic Mindset in Your Team
Understand the strategic mindset as the ability to think ahead, anticipate changes, and plan for the future. This is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity.