Understand Branch Banking Business.

Banking Business Today was designed to instill business acumen amongst all staff members of a branch or small bank. 

2 days

12-18 Participants



The simulation involves teams of participants who manage their own small bank and compete with other teams for market share.The essence of the simulation reinforces the importance of customer segmentation from a banking perspective. Every bank has, within its customer base, different groups of customers who have different banking needs. For the bank to maximize customer profitability, it is required to focus on upselling and cross-selling. It must also be able to measure the profitability of each customer and customer segment. Another major issue dealt with in the simulation is the management of risk, in particular credit risk. The simulation also touches on the aspect of compliance and provides an experiential platform for further discussions on this topic. Add to this complex environment an element of competition driven by a decision-based process and you have created an experiential learning tool which provides a holistic overview of how the bank makes and losses money.


Understand the key issues and business drivers within the value chain.

Understand how actions and decisions impact the bottom line of business.

Develop business acumen and instill sense to maximize value.

Develop a sense of the potential value they can add and why it is in their personal interests to maximize this value.

Employees understand what they need to do to maximize the value that they can add to the organization.


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